The March monthly meeting of Natmac will take place on March 2,  2011, commencing at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Hospital.

I see where Apple just released updated versions of the MacBook Pros with new Intel chips. I hope Dean will explain what these new chips mean to the line of laptops.

 There will be a total of 6 door prizes this month. The top prize will be either an 8 GB iPod Nano (current version) or a 1 TB external hard drive (winner?s choice). The other 5 prizes are:

        A laptop desk with light

        A stereo speaker dock for an iPod or iPhone

        A set of in ear headphones

        2 reams of copy paper, given separately


The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies. Be sure your dues are current so you will be eligible for the door prizes.

 Hope to see you at the meeting.




Here is this month?s reading assignment:


This NEWS is bad news

Today's news-hungry web user might be in for a surprise the next time they open their email. A potentially harmful barrage of spam is peppering the U.S., masquerading as "NEWS" from such trusted sources as BBC, CNN, USA Today, and others.


Home inventory and accounting

LittleFin Software has rolled out its two household Mac apps, Chronicle and Compartments, are available on the Mac App Store. Chronicle is a bill-payment and tracking application, and Compartments is a home inventory application.


Old Apps for Mac OS

This web site has links to old versions of Mac applications. On the home page, there are lists of the most popular old apps and categories of others.


Spam & Malware InfoManager

User Group Network UGN Phishing report for February 14th, 2011 By now, just about everyone knows about online crime, spam, phishing and identity theft. But the cybercrime tactics are changing every day

 - stay alert -

This issue includes :

 * How to Make Your Google Account More Secure

 * New Phishing Tactic Emerges: Domain Name System Hijacking

 * How to prevent the Internet from failing

 * Night Dragon Cyber-Attack Unsophisticated but Effective

 * IRS warns taxpayers about phishing scams

 * Phishing email and web-borne malware: How to secure your data against blended threats

 * Cyber Criminals Attack Through DNS Hijacking

 * Rustock shutdown cuts spam volumes in January


e-Cycle: iPhone users Switch to Verizon

e-Cyclee-Cycle is offering secure iPhone buyback services for AT&T iPhone customers, to help make the switch to Verizon. CEO cautions sellers to beware of misleading pricing due to 'condition rating' of devices.


Copy/paste more than one thing

Xinfinite has announced the release of iXiu 2.0 in the Mac App Store. iXiu is an enhanced visualized pasteboard application. Take your favorite application in mind. Often you want to copy/paste more than one thing and put it aside for a while, even if your computer has restarted. Operating Systems aren't created with this in mind.


Pad InfoManager 

Seems that everywhere I go, someone flips out an iPad. I usually leave mine at home, but the popularity of iPad is obvious - and everyone is waiting on iPad2.

Interesting posts this week:

 * Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector Confirms Camera and Home Button

 * Apple iPad update to add smart bezel touch controls

 * Apple iPad 6-inch Model Possibly On Its Way

 * Report: Apple Subscription Model Under Antitrust Scrutiny

 * An iPad for $2.82, or illegal gambling?

 * Apple iPad 2 Challengers, More Android Tablets

 * Apple iPad 2 Touch Panels Shortage may affect Production

 * Vogue Struts its Stuff on iPad

 * MPs can't purchase iPads with taxpayers money

 * Tablet Wars Heating Up ... and more


Protection Against Accidental Data Loss

Yazsoft understands that everyone screws up from time to time. Unblunder, their new application for Mac OS X, gives you the chance to redeem yourself. Have you ever sent something to the Trash and emptied it only to realize moments later... oopz?

We all have and it can happen to anyone. Unblunder to the rescue!


iFinance Mac App

Synium Software has released iFinance 3.2.5 on the Mac App Store. iFinance is a well-renowned personal financing software for Mac OS X. Start recording your income and expenses right now, be it a coffee during lunch break or a brand new car - finally, you'll get a clear overview of what exactly you spend your money for.


BackJack Online Backup for Mac

Synectics Business Solutions, Inc., developer and provider of the BackJack Online Backup Service for Macintosh, has announced the availability of a 4 GB Free Account to complement its well-established business service.


For those few who have gotten this far, here are two pictures of the month:

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