Sorry to have to send this Reminder so early (hope it's not so much so that you forget the meetng date) but I will be away and don't want to take the chance that I won't be able to send it at a more appropriate time. I will get the projector box and the door prizes to JoAnn so if you see her in the parking lot stop to give her a hand getting the stuff into the meeting room.

Some of you may have heard of Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, a movie based on a 1995 interview conducted by Bob Cringely, currently available for download at Amazon and the iTunes Store. 


I recently found a You Tube link to the interview and strongly recommend that you watch it. 


The door prizes this month will be:

Memorex Speaker System (for iPods and other devices)

2 GB iPod Shuffle (older model)

Rosewill Hard Drive Docking Station (holds both 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives)

50 Verbatim blank DVD disks

5 in 1 Camera Connection Kit

Kingston 4 GB Thumb Drive 


The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of  $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.

Have a great meeting and I'll see you in October.




Below are a few articles of interest followed by the User Group Discounts 


New Drive-by Virus : Locks your computer

FBI Crushes cyber crime ring Ransomware Locks Computers, Demands Payment -- There is a new drive-by virus on the Internet, and it often carries a fake message -- and fine

purportedly from the FBI.


Latest Trends: BYOD and Tablets

Tablets and the demand for bring your own device (BYOD) environments have been dominating trends in the IT world over the past 12 months. This week s Global Roundup newsletter looks at what BYOD means across the world and predicts what the tablet landscape could look like in 2020. Is the BYOD trend here to stay?


MacBundles August Bundle

TheMacBundles has announced its August Bundle. This bundle has 10 apps for $39.95 valued at nearly $400.00.


Only 3 out of 10 apps made in U.S.

Top apps last week were from : Seoul, Korea; Kiev, Ukraine; Scottsdale, Arizona; London, United Kingdom; Singapore, Singapore; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Kiev, Ukraine; Glasgow, United Kingdom; Bucharest, Romania.


iPad InfoManager 1208

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers As one law suit winds down, yet another looms on the horizon -- everyone wants a piece of Apple, or in Google's case, wants to block Apple!! Here are the best tidbits -- Google Files New Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Seeks To Block IPhone, IPad --

 * Will there be a white iPad mini? New pics make it look that way

 * Apple, Samsung Ready Closing Arguments in Patent Case

 * Apple iPad mini: Five things that might interest you

 * How Steve Jobs' iPad landed in the hands of a clown

 * Apple iPad Mini Production Already in Full Swing?

 * Galaxy tablet wields pen to take on iPad . . . and more


New In Mountain Lion

Apple has listed 200+ updates to its new OS X operating system: Mountain Lion from Lion.   Here are a few of the more prominent ones.