Happy Holidays to one and all:
As discussed at the last meeting this year we will dispense with the party and small gifts to all members attending the December meeting. Instead we will hold a normal meeting with raffled door prizes, using the normal procedure of each paid membership receiving one raffle ticket with the option of purchasing additional tickets at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Still only one prize per membership allowed. I will purchase ice and soft drinks and members are free to bring snacks, cookies, etc. as they wish.
The door prizes will be an iPod Nano (6th edition), a Canon all-in-one printer and a $15 iTunes gift card.
It's been an annual habit of mine to send out my PC Holiday Greeting. Several members have asked me include a copy that can be copied and resent so I will include a copy as an attachment to the pdf file of this Reminder.
I know you have much to do at this time of year so the reading list will be kept short. Hoping to see you on Wednesday,
Reading List:
6 tips for getting more from Apple TV
This is a Macworld.com article.
It is aimed for those of us who have a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV.
13 must have Mac apps
This article on Geek.com, entitled "New iMac or MacBook Pro? Here are 13 must have Mac apps" is a good list of
apps you should have for your new Mac.
Save future history - print your photos!
This week, we re looking at books that will make superb gifts! Just about everyone you know uses a camera.
These books, and their educational value are great to own,
and great to give
* The Photograph: Composition and Color Design * Create Your Own Photo Book, 1st Edition
* Great Photos Simple Cameras
* Tone Poems Book 1 . . . and more
Nettelator supercharges your social networking fun
NeXT, Mac OS X and iOS legend, Stone Design has created a brand new ADN (App.Net) social network client, Nettelator 1.0.1. Leveraging on
it s Twittelator Neue for Twitter, Nettelator is a robust client with
years of development behind it.
Christmas InstaBooth Personalised digital cards
Leicester, United Kingdom Christmas InstaBooth is a new app to
help consumers save money, by being able to post personalised or pre-designed digital cards to friends, family and colleagues, via Facebook, Twitter, Email or MMS. You can create personalised cards, by using your iPhone camera, then adding your message, and then simply posting it to the recipient. It s that simple. The added bonus is that
it won t even cost you a penny!
Safenetting : November Malware Report
During November, we saw more threats, mainly as compromised Web sites from simple spoofed sites (which offered malware downloads in the
guise of media players) to trusted and reputable ones.
It's amazing what an errant iFRAME tag can do once your browser is redirected to where it s not supposed to go.
The scariest is Weaponized Malware.
Here s where we re going into the holiday season...
* Cybercriminals start spamvertising Xmas themed scams and malware campaigns * Windows 8 is defenceless against 15 percent of popular malware
* Ransom Malware Gangs Making Huge Profits, Symantec Discovers
* Mac Malware Makes the Leap to Automated Exploit Packs
* Targeted attacks against Mac users continue to climb * Android Gingerbread, ICS most vulnerable to malware * How To Detect Zero-Day Malware And Limit Its Impact * Weaponized Malware: Top Four Cyberattack Tools
* Companies Need Defenses Against Mobile Malware
* Ways to Protect Your Computer Against Malware
* BYOD Efforts Could Increase Malware Attacks
and more . . .
10 iPad Apps To Download Right Now
This article appears on Mashable.com this past week. http://www.ugnn.com/2012/11/10-ipad-apps-to-download-right-now/