Well, it's March and the winter is almost over (even though this weekend will be the coldest for us down here) and soon we will be losing our snowbirds for several months. So this month we have some interesting door prizes to award.

The main prize will be a new, current edition, Apple TV. But, for some, the excitement will be the chance to win one of two cup warmers to be awarded! Not the same model as the ones that no one will let me forget from a couple of years ago -- hopefully these will work better. And a fourth prize to be named later. The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.
See you on Wednesday,

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Safenetting : Phishing and Malware Alert
Our Phishing reports have been scarce and near empty for the past several weeks ? only to be overtaken by malware, and various insidious exploits. Comsumers get smarter ... cyber crime gets smarter.
* Old OS X malware used in increased attacks against Uyghur groups
* Point-of-Sale malware attacks ? crooks expand their reach
* Malware-Serving LA Times Page Went Unnoticed for 6 Weeks
* More Mac malware attacking minority groups in China
* How PayPal is perpetuating the phishing problem
* Facebook hacked; Malware attack probed by FBI
* Where Has All The Mobile Malware Gone?
* Home Networks Show Traces of Malware
* Canada ranks high in malware sites and more . . .

iPad InfoManager for President?s Day
The iPad InfoManager digs up the most interesting or entertaining news about iPads . . . imagine giving your employees a free iPad Mini, all 3,500 of them . . . these are among this week?s best tidbits ...
* Google Nexus 7.7 vs Apple iPad Mini 2: Should you wait up for next releases?
* Apple iPad and iPhone designer Sir Jonathan Ive awarded gold Blue Peter badge
* Apple iPad 5 Release Date Tipped For This Spring With iPad Mini Traits; Media
* Archos officially launches rival to Apple?s iPad Retina Display tablet
* Apple may update the iPad in March or April, says analyst
* LinkedIn CEO gives Apple iPad minis to 3500 employees
* Intuit optimizes QuickBooks Online for Apple iPad
* As iPad?s Market Share Falls, Must Profits Follow? . . . and more

iWatch : Are Smartwatches a Dumb Idea?
Apple has the tech world buzzing with news of a new product that will combine some features from iPhones with a wristwatch-like device. Apple wouldn?t be the first to introduce a wearable device like this ? Sony and Motorola both came out with small devices that you wear ????????????????????????on your wrist that sync up with your phone. However, the expectation from the industry is that Apple?s product will be higher in capability and quality.

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Dropbox Master
This article on Gizmodo tells us how to get more out of Dropbox.

Mopedi Puts Wikipedia in Your Pocket with Images
Espoo, Finland - MPaja Ltd announces Mopedi 1.5 for iOS. Mopedi is an offline Wikipedia reader with images, tables and equations. Mopedi works always and everywhere. Users are no longer at the mercy of network connectivity. It makes an ideal traveling companion, be it in an airplane, in the woods without network, or in a foreign country without online access.

Instant USDA DB Access for 9 Nutrients
Indie developer James Hollender's new iNutrients app marks his 20th individual iOS app that's available in the iTunes App Store. The iNutrients app provides lightning fast access to the entire USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for 9 nutrients: Calories, Carbohydrates, Dietary Cholesterol, Fiber, Proteins, Saturated Fat, Sodium, Sugars, and Vitamin K. The database includes 8,194 different foods and 14,162 food servings. Recording daily intake items is easy and fast.

Free Audio Books
I know that Audible does a great job of providing professionally made audio books. However, they do cost some cash. Here are a couple of web sites that provide free ones and also a link to some ebooks as well.

iBank 4.7 Adds Transfer From Quicken Essentials
IGG Software has announced a long-awaited solution for long-suffering users of Quicken Essentials who found that the limited export capabilities of Intuit's latest version for Mac left their data trapped.

33 Tips and Tricks for iOS 6 has published this article to help us know new features some of which don't get mentioned very often.

Great Adventure Bundle for Mac
Coladia has offered its Great Adventure Bundle for only 49.90 until to April 4th. Ultimate Adventure Bundle contains the best selling adventure games for Mac OS X. All games can be purchased individually for $14.90 on Coladia website's or on the Mac App Store.

Cool photo of the month:
Mountain-side farming in the province of Bolzano (Bozen) in Italy.

mountain-side farming