This month we welcome back our resident guru, Dean Hoffmann, who last month took a rare and well deserved night off from the rigors of teaching us about our computers, phones, tablets, etc. I'm sure he will have lots of news to fill us in on.

Below are two photos relative to Apple from a group of many that show quite an inventive mind when it comes to art.


I have attempted to insert the Powerpoint file containing the whole presentation here but it will not open in this text editor. I will insert the file in the email I will use to send the newsletter link to you. I think you will enjoy seeing all the unique artistic depictions.

The door prizes for this month's meeting will be:

An Apple Airport Express router
A 16 GB flash drive
A 3 -in-1 USB to 30 pin/8 pin/Micro USB Cable Adapter for iPhone 5, 4, 4S

The usual rules apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.

See you on Wednesday,


Below are some articles you may find of interest:

Augmented Reality: Hype, Research & Effects
Augmented_Reality Augmented Reality - media hype, or the future?
Google Glass seems to have made augmented reality, a reality. But is
it really AR? And just how useful can AR actually be? This week we
look the reality of augmented reality with personal views, the
potential for training, and the effect of AR on everyday life.


Cyber Security -- Beijing, South Korea and Hacker superstars
User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report Beijing, Army Reserves, Hacker superstars and South Korea all in the news this week -- but amazingly, things seem to be slowing down, or else more is happening we're not being told about!

This is the nineth installment of the infomanager: "Cybersecurity"
* Cyber Security: Beijing wants US to help settle regional tension
* Cyber security: Why it needs to be a board-level issue
* Army Reserves will become cyber security specialists
* Hacking competitions seek cybersecurity superstars
* Financial Industry Is Serious About Cybersecurity
* South Korea to Train 5000 Cybersecurity Experts
* Cyber Experts Unite To Halt 'Gunpowder Moment'
* China ready to talk cyber security
and more . . .

Fact Checking
If you, like me are getting tired of all the ridiculous stories that are spread across the social networks, then you will appreciate this list of Fact Checking web site.


7 Ways to Keep Your Secrets Safe Online
More than a quarter of college admissions officers have Googled or "Facebooked" potential applicants, reports the Huffington Post. It's probably not that they expect you to be a criminal, they're double checking to make sure your persona matches your claims. And they're not the only ones.


Safenetting : Spam, Phishing, Breakins, Hacks, JULY
User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime reportHacks and breakins now represent the worst of the spam and phishing - and it's becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint the criminals. This week's Safenetting evils are :
* FBI Warns Public That Cyber Criminals Continue to Use Spear-Phishing Attacks
* Mobile malware, mainly aimed at Android devices, jumps 614% in a year
* Dramatic increase in phishing scams as criminals target Apple IDs
* US government spent $3m removing malware that did not exist
* 5 ways hackers attack you (and how to counter them)
* What's the Difference Between Malware and Viruses?
* Mobile attackers getting more calculated: Juniper<br /> and more . . .

How to block an unwanted caller's number on an iPhone
I actually had this issue a couple of weeks ago when my granddaughter started getting harassing phone calls from a former friend. So I was happy to find this article on the Macworld UK Web site.


8 Ways to Make Facebook Less Annoying
This article by Andrew Hayward on the Mac|Life web site gives us 8 ways to make Facebook more enjoyable.

IDG: Wearable Tech | The Human Cloud | Internet of Things
Augmented_Reality With Google Glass anticipated early next year and rumours of the iWatch, wearable tech is grabbing the headlines at the moment. According to a recent telephone poll though, only 42% of Americans said they would buy or wear a smart watch, so if the future of wearable tech doesn't seem that bright with consumers, what about the enterprise? This week we look at whether wearable tech has a place in the enterprise, explore its production value rather than its novelty value, and look at some of the challenges this journey into device innovation presents.


InfoClick 1.1
Nisus Software has announced the release of InfoClick 1.1, a powerful email search tool designed to guide you to the emails you've been trying to find.

7 Apps To Manage Your Money
Business Insider has this article about apps for managing your money with iOS and Android.

Security 101: Protecting Your Smartphones from the Bad Guys
While smartphones have allowed more business people to escape from behind their desks and computers, the devices have also created a host of new problems for corporate America. According to Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department, about 40 percent of the robberies*** in big cities involve the theft of smartphones.


How to sync your iPhone and iPad using iTunes
Now many or perhaps most of the typical MUG member probably doesn't need to use advice like this. But think about it. Don't you have some members that need help with what you might consider a basic part of the Apple/Mac/iOS world?


UGNN Maleware Report for 1307-28
With everything else that's going on, we're now seeing phishing and drive-by malware attacks heavily increasing. We have started posting some of our alerts as infographics, mainly to Facebook. If you are not a UGNet facebook follower you probably should be :
Here goes :
* Poker player arrested for stealing money through Android malware
* Malware targets Mac and Windows users simultaneously
* Apple hack exploited with new phishing campaign
* Royal Baby Emails Disguise Hidden Zbot Malware
* List of global hacking ring's targets, losses
* New Phishing Scam Equals Double Trouble
and more . . .

PrivacyScan 1.3
As legal debates regarding Internet consumer privacy rage on, SecureMac, an authority on Apple Macintosh security, has released the v1.3 update to its PrivacyScan software. In addition to the usability updates (including new support for Opera 15 and Chromium), the software is now available directly from the PrivacyScan website as a 15-day free trial.

Hidden OS X Features
This appears in an article by Waqas Ejaz on the website. From list of tips gathered from Ask Different.


10 tips for privacy on Apple devices
This article by Geoffrey Goetz was posted on the GigaOM website. Of course he is correct in stating that is difficult to protect your privacy on today's devices.


Photo of the month: (from the Powerpoint file in the email)