Happy Labor Day:
As I write the above salutation I can't help but wonder when, due to the disintegration of the union movement in this country, the name of the holiday will be changed. Nevertheless, here's hoping everyone has a couple of hot dogs and/or burgers and gets to the beach on Monday and shows up on Wednesday evening for our last meeting of the summer.
I hope several of you have given thought to assuming the job of Treasurer. After many years of service JoAnn Maggied has expressed a desire to retire from her duties so we will need a replacement. We'll talk about it at the meeting.
The door prizes this month will be:
? Apple TV
? Hard Drive Dock
? Combination Pen and soft stylus
? Retro styled phone handset for use with cell phones, iPads, etc
The usual rules apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.
See you on Wednesday,
Below are some articles you may find of interest:

Consumer Alert: Pirated Software May Contain Malware
You decide to order some software from an unknown online seller. The price is so low you just can't pass it up. What could go wrong? Plenty. Whether you're downloading it or buying a physical disc, the odds are good that the product is pirated and laced with malicious software, or malware.
MacMate with 10GB Cloud Storage for Mac
MacMatec now offers a free 10GB Disk version, which pits their service directly with other popular cloud services like Dropbox & Google Drive. MacMate Disk also includes its easy-to-use filesharing feature with upgrade options right up to 2TB, as well as a free iOS
App for accessing your files on the move. MacMate is designed to be simple to use, with familiar drag-and-drop for uploading & downloading files.
Ten Essential Apps For Your Mac
Most of you already know how much I love lists. This one on MacTrast got my attention. What do you think about these are they truly essential? (This one is by J. Glenn Kunzler.)
UGNN Malware Report for 1308-12
User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report With everything else that's going on, we're now seeing phishing and drive-by malware attacks heavily increasing. We have started posting some of our alerts as infographics, mainly to Facebook. If you are not a UGNet facebook follower you probably should be : www.facebook.com/groups/UGNet/
Here goes :
? Malware on Google Play attacks 25000 Android devices * Desktop Linux finally gets a piece of malware
? The New more Evasive ZeroAccess Variant
? Google Play store suffers from malware
? FBI Warns of Mac OS X Ransomware
? A View of Malware
and more . . .
Cyber Security - Cyber Attacks becoming more wide spread
User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report Cyber security is everyone's business, no matter who you are - or what computer platform you use. Beware, keep a sharp eye, and be vigilant. Report after report coming in about the expanding grip of cybercriminals on the internet.
? Infosecurity - Senate Bill Orders NIST to Develop Cybersecurity Best * Ground Zero Summit 2013: Asia's largest Information Security
? 8 Scary Statistics About Remote Access and Cybersecurity
? How should you protect yourself from cyber surveillance?
? 3 top US officials discuss cybersecurity in NYC
? A call to arms for the next gen of cybersecurity pros * Cyber-Security Insurance Adoption Grows and more . . .
Toolbox for iWork Set
Jumsoft has released the first batch of fresh designs for its new Toolbox for iWork collection. The update consists of 8 new themes of data visualization elements and 10 sets of badges as well as extra slide sizes in the Layouts for Keynote designs. The editable designs are great for illustrating presentations, websites, text documents, and various other types of content.
25 Best Free iPad Apps
This article on Mashable provides us with another list. This is about the iPad.
How to use Apple's OS X's Automator
This article on the PC Magazine web site gives instructions in writing your own software using Automator in OS X.
Tiny Changes May Make Fall For iOS 7
TUAW has an article by Mike Wehner, that looks at some of the "small" changes in iOS 7 that maybe more significant than originally thought.
????????????iPad InfoManager : Retina, Apple, Verizon, Samsung
With a new iPad on the way, everyone has an opinion! The iPad InfoManager gathers the most interesting or entertaining news about iPads - these are among this week's best tidbits ...
? iPad mini with Retina Display enters production: Will there be enough to satisfy demand?
? Expert: Wahlroos' iPad accusations are "bold and to the point" * iPad Mini 2 Release Date: High-Res Screen Production
? EMS gets iPad technology for each emergency vehicle
? iPad mini 2 vs. Nexus 7 and iPad 5 at Christmas
? All you want to know about iPad 5 * Returning students talk iPads
. . . and more
10 Best Writing Apps for iPad
The article on the Next Web web site by Josh Ong lists 10 applications dedicated to writing on the iPad.
10 materials that could transform tech
This article on techradar by Gary Marshall is a list of 10 materials that could make a big difference in high tech gear in the near future.
Election Hack: Stealing Votes the Cyber Way
Digital Evidence Response Team 22-year-old candidate for student council president at California State University San Marcos hoped to guarantee victory by rigging the election through cyber fraud, but he ended up winning a year in prison instead.
iPhone InfoManager: August / September
Another iPhone coming ??? Gold? New stuff happening in the world of smartphones . . . . and you're there :
? Apple's Gold iPhone Joins The New Smartphone Battlefield of Color And Customization
? iPhone 5C could be the first Apple product to use scratch-resistant LiquidMetal
? iPhone 6 Blueprint Made Clear by Concepts -- The Clues are Right There * iPhone poaches more Android owners than vice versa
? iPhone 5S Screen Size Does it Matter? Yes/No
? iPhone 5S: You've GOT to see this new color
and more
UGNN Facebook Update: money, money, money; slice of society
Facebook is on an upswing, taking over the social world . . . now they go for the jugular with photos for advertisers and a ton of other sneaky slits to extract money!
? Facebook's Partnership With Shutterstock Gives Advertisers Access to Image Library
? Facebook tweaks News Feed, adds new algorithm to serve up high quality content
? Facebook protest sparks call for major Philippine rally
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Facebook, Baidu Lead IBD 50's 5 Big Money Stocks * Facebook shares close above $40 for first time
? Facebook Addresses App Permissions Gripes
? Dislike: Facebook is ruining your life
. . . and more
UGNN Malware Report End of August
User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report -- With everything else that's going on, we're now seeing phishing and drive-by malware attacks heavily increasing. We have started posting some of our alerts as infographics, mainly to Facebook. If you are not a UGNet facebook follower you probably should be : www.facebook.com/groups/UGNet/
Here goes :
? Mac security study finds most antivirus software options are effective
? MoleRats hackers resurface spreading Poison Ivy malware * Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta
? Banking Trojans dominate email malware
? RCMP warn of renewed internet scam
and more . . .
10 Classic Games on iOS
Mac|Life published this article by Richard Moss earlier this
week. It is listing 10 Classic Adventure games that you can now play on an iPod touch, an iPhone or an iPad. Another one of my list favs.
Photos of the month: