Now that Fall is officially here I expect we will start seeing more attendance at our meetings as the snowbirds start coming home to roost.

The door prizes this month are:
a 1 TB ultra portable hard drive a two bay hard drive dock
a case for a cell phone or camera
The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.

As was previously mentioned, I will not be attending the November meeting so I need a volunteer to take possession of the projector cart and the door prizes and bring them to the November meeting and then take the cart again and bring it to the December meeting.

At the November meeting it will be necessary to elect new officers for the coming year. JoAnn wishes to retire from her duties as treasurer and attendance registrar, where she has served for the past several years, so someone must come forward to replace her. Also, I am looking for ideas how we can avoid the $17/month bank charge for maintaining our account. We write very few checks per month, averaging less than 2. I would rather put the $207 yearly cost toward door prizes than pay Bank of America. Any suggestions?

See you Wednesday,


Below are some articles you may find of interest:

Safenetting : Spam, Phishing, Trojans, Taxes, Training, and more

We've had some complaints from readers that we focus too much on cyber crime, phishing, malware and only the negative evils of the connected digital world. So, we're combining all fronts into this
single Safenetting post. But please read this week's piece about "why everyone should learn" and you'll understand a little more about
what's behind our passion to keep everyone informed. We can only hope that you'll pass these links and lessons along to your members, your readership, friends and contacts. We're all in this together. This
week's Safenetting evils are :
* Types of CyberCrime and Why Everyone, Especially the Elderly, Must Learn
* Scammers Send out Phishing Emails following Recent Apple Inc (AAPL) Event * Notorious Trojan Citadel Resurfaces, Attacks Internet-users in Japan
* Malware campaign still infectious, demanding ransom after 2 years
* Are You Prepared? 71% Of Cyber Attacks Hit Small Business
* Needle in a Haystack: Harnessing Big Data for Security
* QR Code Security Issues & Smart Phone Vulnerability
* UMBC student wins Microsoft essay contest
* Top 25 area codes getting spammed
and more . . .

Safenetting : Create Strong, Secure Passwords That are Easily Remembered
People who own laptops, tablets and smartphones with wireless connectivity can access the Internet in a variety of public places --
?????coffee shops, restaurants and airports. It is convenient, but it also can more easily place personal information in the hands of hackers.

Worth A Thousand Words
In a post on the blog, Minimal Mac, Patrick Rhone posted an article with the above title about the effect the iPhone 5S camera will have on the pro-consumer camera market.

Email Encryption App Secutor
Indie developer Tony Yustein has introduced Secutor 1.0 for iOS. Secutor, an app that generates S/MIME email encryption certificates on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, was approved by Apple.

10 Things To Do With Dropbox
This article by Calvin Lee on Mashable lists 10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do.

14 Mac Hacks
These "Hacks" from BuzzFeed by Peggy Wang really are Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts.

Facebook's Proposed Privacy Policy
On All Things D, Mike Isaac has an article about Facebook's new Proposed Privacy Policy. In it he describes how YOUR face really matters to Facebook.

Hello Vino Launches New Wine App for iPad with Free $50 Wine Voucher
Hello Vino, LLC has launched a new version 3.0 of its iPhone app with innovative wine shopping features, a universal iPad app and completely new iOS7-inspired design. To celebrate the launch, Hello Vino is offering $50 vouchers towards wine at Naked Wines through a new partner program. Users need only download the new version 3.0 of the free Hello Vino app to receive their $50 credit.

10 Great Free Apps for Mac
Boyd Petersen on AllMacOnline posted this article. Can't argue much with this list:
20 terms every Mac user should know
Again, a LIST. In this case, Christopher Breen of MacWorld makes the case that we should know all these terms. How many do you know? How many can you explain to your user group members?

??????????Tribal Nova offers 22 learning games for FREE
Tribal Nova, the developers behind PBS KIDS PLAY! online learning program, celebrates the second anniversary of its educational program 'i Learn With' by upgrading all apps and permanently offering free access to over 20 learning games within the whole program.

iMathGenius Serials for iOS Released
iMathGenius, a math education app for people of all ages, has
gained more and more popularity since its first release of last year. Many people who downloaded and played with this app gives it a thumbs-up. Even more gave many good suggestions which allowed us to have improved the app since then. There are also institutional downloads such as downloads from school's iPad education program. We've seen download traffic increased from all around the world, especially from US and China.

Be practical: Nicholas Stratigopoulos launches All-In-One Utilities app
Physical & health education teacher and educational technologist, Nicholas Stratigopoulos has released his sixth app (multipurpose), All-In-One Utilities. All-In-One Utilities 1.0 features 10 tools-in-1
app + BONUS. Includes: QR Code Reader, Flashlight, Photo Effects, Weather, Twitter, Tip Calculator, Paint, Timer/Stopwatch, Email Image, Notes, and bonus Tic Tac Toe.

Google Frees 'Quickoffice'
On September 19th, Google who had recently purchased Quickoffice announced it was making the application free on all iOS & Android devices.

Google vs MS, Top 10 Cloud Backup, and others
Data breaches, cyber-threats and fraud In this issue you'll find
out the benefits of using a stable and scalable DNS infrastructure and how to support business continuity with the right network infrastructure. Plus, get a detailed comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps. Which one is right for your business?

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