Happy New Year All:

Our January Meeting will take place next Wednesday, the 8th, due to the first Wednesday falling on New Year's Day. Next month we will revert back to our usual first Wednesday meeting date, which will be February 5th.

As you can see from the format of this email I have not composed the kind of Reminder I have sent for the past several years. I don't think many of the members get anything out of the links to the various articles I have been including to warrant the time and effort to do so. Also, I am interested to learn how many members have used or even bother to read the MUG discounts info I have been including. If I am incorrect and these things are of interest I will again include them, but for now a simple email reminder will have to suffice.

If anyone would like to edit a monthly newsletter/reminder please make yourself known.

If JoAnn doesn't attend the meeting we will need someone to check in members, and give out and sell the raffle tickets.

The door prizes this month will be:

? 2 TB external hard drive

? solar powered wireless keyboard (no batteries required)

? third item to be named later

The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies.

If anyone has a 3rd or 4th generation iPad (preferably with cellular) for sale please let me know the details.


H. Peter Blum

"We could certainly slow the Aging Process down if it had to work its way through Congress." Will Rogers