Well, it's June so you know what that means: there will be a Natmac meeting in a few days, on June 4th to be precise. Same time and place as always, Holy Cross at 7:00 pm.

This month the door prizes will be:

? Kensington Blue tooth Keyboard

? copy of Parallels Desktop 8 (works on Mavericks)

? 7 port USB Hub

? metal earbuds and mike combination

Usual procedure with raffle tickets and limit of one prize per membership.

Under the heading of "all good things must come to an end" I am giving advance notice that I will be retiring come fall.

The membership must come to terms that it will be necessary to find persons to do the following:

? Keep membership list

? Bill and collect dues

? Pay club debts

? Do club banking

? Keep Florida corporation records including the appointment of an agent for service of process

? Check-in and raffle ticket distribution at meetings

? Keep and bring projector, etc to meetings

? Purchase door prizes and bring to meetings

? Send out monthly Reminder

This list looks worse than it actually is. Many items only need sporadic attention. However, there needs to be people with responsibility for these items. I suggest that active members address this NOW so I can assist in the transfer of duties.

See you Wednesday,


H. Peter Blum


Be patient and achieve all things.

Be impatient and achieve all things faster.