The July monthly meeting of Natmac will take place on July 6th commencing at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Hospital.


While fresh in my mind I want you to know that thanks to our friends at Holy Cross we are all set for another year (2012) meeting in our present facilities. I will, of course, remind you again but since the first Wednesday of July, 2012 falls on July 4th our July meeting next year will be held on the second Wednesday, July 11th.

Also, I want to thank whomever carried the projector, etc home with them from the June meeting and to not forget to bring it on Wednesday. If you will need help getting the crate out of your trunk please let me know and I will meet you in the parking lot. In any event, please drop me a note confirming that you will be at the meeting or need someone to pick up the crate from you.

Door prizes this month are shaping up to be an HP Printer, an external Hard Drive and a copy of Parallels Desktop 6. This is subject to change if some other items I bought arrive in time for the meeting. The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies. See JoAnn to purchase your tickets and increase your chances of winning.

One of my pet peeves is the forwarding of emails (usually jokes, video clips) with all the previous recipients address included. It is so simple to eliminate the previous address but many people refuse to do so. After you click on the Forward button just highlight the earlier address in the new email and delete them. I will ask Dean to demonstrate this at the meeting.

 Below are some articles you may find of interest and the new User Group discounts. Hope the many of you on Wednesday.




Hey, get your cookies together

Cookie 1.6 for Mac OS X Cookie 1.6 is an update to the popular cookie and browser history management utility for Mac OS X. Cookie helps you to manage exactly who can access information about your online activities.


Phishing & Malware update 1106-20

Phishing is becoming more and more dangerous. At last, industry and government are starting to wake up to some of the real threats in the world

This week's notes:

 ? China's Cyberassault on America

 ? SCADA Systems: Achilles Heel of Critical Infrastructure

 ? Malware Writers Posting Online Ads for Recruiting Coders

 ? New malware ferrets out and steals Bitcoins

 ? Deploying New Tools to Stop the Hackers

 ? Spam 'Books' Flooding Kindle Store

 ? Only 4 Percent Smartphones Have Malware Protection

 ? Microsoft Warns Of Huge Phone Scam

 ? Spammers, Content Farming, and Kindle

 ? 10 million pieces of Malware per day

 . . . and more


Fresh Feed and Fresh Feed Pro

Bloop has released Fresh Feed and Fresh Feed Pro lightweight news notifiers for Mac OS X. Select some of your RSS or Atom feeds and each time new information arrives, Fresh Feed Pro will inform you with a sound alert. You can quickly read the title and the source of the news and if you want to read more, it's possible to delve into the subject matter by viewing a preview from a pop up menu - with a simple click.


 iPad InfoManager 1106-20

New pads hitting the market, and two cool videos in this week's edition along with:

 * Can Samsung's Chromebook Beat Apple's iPad 2?

 * New York Post website blocks Safari on iPad

 * Apple nervous as iPad 2 contender arrives in U.S.New

 * Apple iPad 2 Ad: "Now, There's This"

 * Apple iPad 2 Ad - 'Now' Available

 * Apple iPad Production Heading To Brazil

 * Apple iPad 2 jailbreak: hackers work on a jailbreak

 * Why should Apple Welcome Facebook's iPad App?

 * Taiwanese Firm Brings Out iPad 2 With 3D Display

 * and more


This web site is also known as 'Free Open Source Software Mac User Group.' They have a list of free and open source software.


DOJ nabs Scareware crime rings

Strike one for the good guys! Scareware is a rampant cyber crime technique. More than 1 million victims have incurred over $74 million in actual losses. On June 22 the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI, along with international law enforcement partners, brought down a significant crime ring that had been pursuing us all!


Facebook Malware Attack - BEWARE

(Last Wednesday) Do not click in any email from Facebook. Yet another new malware attack has hit Facebook -- this one with some twists.


[UPDATE: since posting there have been six (6) new waves, with six different subject lines and target addresses!]



Three iChat Features You Should Know

This blog post was made last May, a full year after Facetime was introduced. The author, David Allison had previously written an article on Skype alternatives for Mac users. That caused him to revisit iChat.


Photos of the month: