Welcome to Spring

Now that the holidays have passed and many go north we can expect an easier ride to the meetings and, in general, less traffic and a smaller attendance at our meetings. Also, more humidity and heat. I have received two communications from members suggesting I share them with the whole membership so here they are and then one from me.

Well, it's March and the winter is almost over (even though this weekend will be the coldest for us down here) and soon we will be losing our snowbirds for several months. So this month we have some interesting door prizes to award.

Happy New Year:

The first NatMac meeting of the new year will occur on the 2nd; hopefully enough time for all to recover from the festivities of Monday evening. We had considered moving the January meeting to the following week but I don't think many of our sensible members will so overdue the celebration that attendance will be adversely affected. I hope I'm correct.... time will tell.

Another month has flown by and we are ready for our monthly get-together to discuss all things Apple and learn what Dean has discovered. I am looking forward to his comment on the new iPad with the 128GB hard drive since he says all one needs is 16GB!

Happy Holidays to one and all:
As discussed at the last meeting this year we will dispense with the party and small gifts to all members attending the December meeting. Instead we will hold a normal meeting with raffled door prizes, using the normal procedure of each paid membership receiving one raffle ticket with the option of purchasing additional tickets at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Still only one prize per membership allowed. I will purchase ice and soft drinks and members are free to bring snacks, cookies, etc. as they wish.
The door prizes will be an iPod Nano (6th edition), a Canon all-in-one printer and a $15 iTunes gift card.