Hi Natmacers:

 After the holidays this month I expect we will lose several members for the remainder of the summer. It reminds me that when old friends from up north hint around looking for a place to sleep during January or February I tell them that REAL friends come visit in August!

I came across an interview on NPR?s ?On The Media? with Tom Henderson about Divorcing Google. He was fed up with all the tracking that Google does. I also was aware that after looking something up in Google I would start getting ads for those types of products. He mentioned a fairly new search engine which promises no tracking. It is called  ?DuckDuckGo?. I am in the process of trying it out and so far it has proved very satisfactory. I have even managed to get it to be my default search in Firefox. You might want to give it a try. To read the article try this link: http://www.itworld.com/it-managementstrategy/259252/how-i-divorced-google


For the doorprizes this month we will have the following:

An Omnitech  9 sheet crosscut shredder

A  4 MB Kingston Flash Drive

A set of tiny mobile speakers for an iPod or Mac

A $15 iTunes gift card

A Macally 3-in-1 Battery Pack/Data Sync/Flash Drive (same as last month)


The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies, of course.


Some items that might be interest:


iPhone InfoManager April

 As if you were just getting used to your new iPhone 4S, now you need to start warming up for the iPhone 5 ...

* Apple iPhone users consume less data than Android users

* iPhone 5 Will Not Feature Rumored 4.6-inch Display

* iPhone Outsells BlackBerry in RIM's Home Country

* iPhone rumor: Autumn, LTE, new dock plug

* 15 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone

* Why the Next iPhone Won't Be Huge

* Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

* What's coming on iPhone 5?

and more




30 ways to improve your Mac

This article at TechRadar talks about waysto improve your Mac experience.




Tasks in Cloud

8-Alarm has introduced Tasks in Cloud 1.0 free for iOS, their new Productivity app that allows users to quickly add new tasks and to-do lists in just three touches.




GoodReader Updated

GoodReader, the document reader which has achieved the rank of #8 best-selling iPad app of all time, has been optimized to support the new Retina display of Apple's new iPad.




Learn Lion

Learn - Lion Edition a Video training App from The Mac U. With over 80 HD training videos this course covers all the basics of Mac OS X Lion along with some more advanced content.




Safenetting : Phishing 1203.19

This edition of Safenetting updates you on just some of the online dangers -- including news for our readers in Canada ...

* Phishing gang nabbed after woman robbed of $1 million life savings

* Pinterest Scams: Free Starbucks, Red Velvet Cake Photos, and More

* Syrian activists targeted by Phishing campaigns and malware

* This Email Claims It's From the IRS: Don't Believe It

* Dawn raids net 14 suspects in $1m phishing theft

* CRA email requests latest tool for scam artists

* IRS warns taxpayers about latest phishing scams

* Phishing attack from within Yahoo Messenger

* Revenue Canada issues 'phishing' warning

* Pinterest Is a Perfect Spot for Phishing

* Met Arrests 14 Over $14m Phishing Scam

* Rustock Botnet: One Year Later

* ID Fraud Report

. . . and more!




Safenetting : MALWARE 1203.19

User Group Network UGN malware report...

* Android malware steals bank credentials -- Is mobile banking safe?

* More Malware Discovered With Stolen Digital Certificates

* McAfee warns of sophisticated Android banking malware

* New Mac malware exploits Java bugs, steals passwords

* New Mac OS X malware variant spotted in the wild

* Fake LinkedIn emails leading to malware

* Malware-Infected Subscription Traps

* SourceForge Rejects 'Anonymous OS'

* A New Mac OS X Malware Discovered

. . . and more!




MoneyWiz for iPad update

SilverWiz Ltd. has announced, that their personal finance software MoneyWiz for iPad is already optimised with artwork for the new Retina display and is available for download now, via the iTunes AppStore.




Even Better Than iPhone 5: An iPhone With The 1986 Mac OS

What if Apple never changed? What if Jobs and company decided that they'd gotten it right--really, really right--with the classic Mac OS? What if every product thereafter would be iterative of its graphic design, with every title bar still rendered in Chicago bitmap font?




World's First Credit Card-Sized Receipt Scanner

Fits in your wallet - powerful high-res tiny color scanner scans everywhere you go - on the plane, train, office, or while waiting - Never Lose a Receipt Again! Advanced Technology Scans Digital Images of Small, Easily Misplaced Items: Receipts, Warrantees, Business Cards, Shopping Tags, Cards, Tickets, Stubs & Handwritten Notes




Quick & Healthy

Quick & Healthy: Easy Recipes for Diabetics is an iPad app to help reverse diabetes through healthy eating.




iCarbs Tracks Carbohydrates - Great for Diabetics

iCarbs App Helps Keep Track of Carbohydrate Intake - Great for Diabetics iCarbs - iNutrients: Carbohydrates app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad allows users to easily find out how many carbohydrates there are in over 1,100 different food servings which is critical information especially for diabetics who need to restrict their intake of carbohydrates.




Sleep Tracker for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Sleep Tracker for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Today Cameron Johnson releases version 2.0.0 of Sleep Tracker, an app for iOS devices that helps the user keep track of his or her sleeping habits.




Picture of the month:

"Did you lose a cat?" This is probably the most amazing picture of 2011!!!