As we were leaving last month?s meeting several of us stopped in the parking lot to discuss the future of Natmac. Since it seems likely that no members will come forward to take on the duties of running the club as it has been operating one alternative would be to simply terminate the club.

Well, it's June so you know what that means: there will be a Natmac meeting in a few days, on June 4th to be precise. Same time and place as always, Holy Cross at 7:00 pm.


April is fast approaching and so the next Natmac meeting is not far off. In fact, it will be held on April 2nd so mark your calendars.

Door prizes this month consist of:

? $100 iTunes card

? 7 port USB Hub

? 16 GB Flash Drive.


I came across an article I would like to share with you all , especially Dean, if he reads this. Take a look here <>

Be nice to discuss the possibilities at the meeting.


This may be the last meeting for some of our snowbirds for a while so hope to see you in force.

Let's hope Dean explains the security flaws in Mavericks and IOS7 that were recently patched.