I hope no one went to Holy Cross on the 4th expecting us to be there for our meeting. I hope you recall that due to the first Wednesday falling on the 4th our meeting for this month only will take place on the second Wednesday, which is, of course, the 11th. I expect a good turnout to listen to Dean pontificate and tell us how he really feels about M$ products and fill us in about all new things concerning Apple.


Because our door prize closet has an abundance on content, this month I will bring a selection of items. The four lucky members whose numbers are chosen may choose from among the following:

2 TB external hard drive
Canon 14 MP digital camera
Rosewell hard drive docking station Linksys wireless N router
Hawking wireless N network dish adapter
iHome speaker lamp for all MP3 players
Kodak digital photo frame
4 GB flash drive
8 AA batteries

The usual rules will apply; each paid membership will receive one raffle ticket but additional tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 or 6/$5. Only one prize per membership still applies, of course.

If you get tired of seeing all the political and other horrible ads on TV take a break and watch a really nice ad from the BBC: <

We do have a User Group Discount List this month, which appear in the emailed version of the newsletter. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday,


Safenetting : Malware Report

Phishing, attack sites, and malware sites keep getting hotter, as the summer grinds on. Headlines since last time . ..
* Malware Affects Website of Aeronautical Parts Provider
* Mac, Windows Malware Campaign Targets Uyghur Activists * New OS X Tibet malware variant surfaces
* 6 Ways Apple Is Polishing Mac Security
* New Apple Mac OS X malware spreading
* Cybercrime moves to the cloud
* 5 top Android malware
and more . . .


Safenetting : July Phishing / Spam

Phishing, attack sites, and malware sites took a rest for a while, but now indications are showing they're back with a vengence.

* Close to 10,000 malicious sites found every day, says Google * Google security, detects 9500 malicious websites every day * Phishing scheme hits Region 8, claiming to be Bancorp South * The Post wants to publish my Vimeo clips? Really

* IRS warns of new phishing scam targeting military * Dedicated Attack Websites Make Headway, Again * Google's got your back for safe browsing
* Cancellation Phishing Scams

and more . . .

The Affiliate Myth

Once upon a time, the online world known as the internet was such a new idea that very few people knew it even existed. People used it to publish and share important data and communicate between computers. Then, some bright computer developers invented software that would make it easy for everyone to use the internet -- and then others invented ways of putting pictures on the internet. By the early 1990s, the internet was a fabulous world of visual communication that connected people all over America. Then someone said : 'let's use the internet to SELL STUFF' !' and the internet changed forever.

iPad InfoManager

iPad news is steady and strong as the iPad enters a new era of competition - everyone's out to get the iPad !! Here are the best tidbits ...
* Google's Chrome browser to be available on iPad, iPhone * Apple Could Sell $10B Of iPad Minis In FY '13
* Apple's Longtime Mac Hardware Chief Retiring
* Chrome tops App Store list of free apps
* A Hardware Update, Friending Google
* Family uses iPad to find assailants
* Apple iPad Mini To Replace iPad 2
. . . and more

iPad, iPhone Games for Thinkers

JULY is here, and many families have lots of leisure time -- the games apps world has a whole new offering of amusements and entertainment for your leisure!

* iTraps: The return of the classic game * Happy Duck Puzzle Fishing Game
* Radia : tilt-based game
* Mayan Adventure Game

* Angry Humans? Guano!

* Arrow Mania . . . and more!

A Better Finder Rename 9.05 has announced the release of A Better Finder Rename 9.05 an update to the leading file, photo and music renaming utility on the Macintosh.

14 Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X

This article on OSXDaily tells 14 tips & tricks that we all can use.

Enable 'Save As' in Lion

One of the frustrations that old timers have in Lion is that there is no Save As in the File menu as in older version of the OS.

Create Beautiful Slideshows With Kinetic Light

Create Beautiful Slideshows With Kinetic Light Cute
Logic have today released Kinetic Light Slideshow 1.5, the latest release of their popular slideshow app for iPhone and iPod touch. Kinetic Light was formerly called Cute Slideshow ? and as well as a new name, Kinetic Light has a brand new improved interface.

iBank 4.5

IGG Software has announced the release iBank 4.5, a personal finance application for Mac. Among its many enhancements are Apple-driven security features like Sandboxing and Gatekeeper, as well as the ability to sync all account data to the much-anticipated iBank for iPad.

Mac OS (Old School)' Skin

Ben Vessey of Amsterdam, has created an icon and wallpaper download that will turn your Mac display into a GUI that looks like an early Mac desktop.


How Steve Jobs Saved Apple

click here for the video

Cocktail 5.3.2

Maintain has announced the release and immediate availability of Cocktail 5.3.2 (Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update of Cocktail for users running OS X Lion 10.7.



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