The October monthly meeting of Natmac will take place on October 5th commencing at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Hospital.


Now that Fall is officially with us (and hopefully some cooler weather) we can expect some of our snowbird members to start reappearing at the meetings which should make for a fuller room.

In looking at the NatMac logo at the top of this page I am aware that this year is our 25th anniversary. While I have no documentation to prove it, our logo always claimed 1986 as the year of our creation. I joined NatMac in 1995 when I bought my first computer. Macs sure have come a long way since 1986. Perhaps Dean can remind us what they were like way back then.

The Magic Trackpad given away at the last meeting seemed to create quite a stir so we will offer another one as a door prize this month. If the winner is not interested in the trackpad he/she can instead take home an iPod Nano.

This month we will give away one or the other of these prizes. In addition there will be several other smaller items awarded so be sure to see JoAnn to purchase your additional raffle tickets at $1 or 6/$5. As always every paid membership receives one free raffle ticket and only one prize per membership.

Hope to see a good turnout at the meeting.


Below is your reading assignment:


Over 30 Utilities for Mac

The actual title of this post is:

"30+ Awesome Utilities to Boost Your Mac's Functionality" it was written by Joshua Johnson on August 9th 2011 for the web site. Yes, it is yet another list. But I love lists that give me new applications or apps for short. There are several here that are new to me, especially if you count the ones in the comment section.


Default Folder X 4.4.4

St. Clair Software has announced that Default Folder X 4.4.4 is available immediately. This release fixes a number of compatibility issues in its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs. Honored with Macworld Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for Best System Enhancement Utility, Default Folder X makes Open and Save dialogs "work the way they should."


Phishing & Malware Update: 

Couple of surprises this week ...

David Pogue looks at unsubscribing from spam, and those nasty 'pump-n-dump' schemes are back! But that's not all...

 * David Pogue: the *Never Unsubscribe* Rule for Spam

 * Protect Yourself From the Threat of Mobile Malware

 * Comeback of Malicious Pump-and-Dump Campaigns

 * New Analysis: Who Do You Trust? (2 Parts)

 * Morto worm surprises again

 * Serious gaps in security

 * BBB warns of email scam

 * Antivirus on a Mac . . . and more


Phishing & Malware Update: #2

In this edition, I'm mixing in some ICANN news concerning new TLDs, since launch of the new '.xxx' will undoubetly generate another era of spam ...

 * Online red-light district opens

 * How Internet Naming Authority ICAAN Plans To Double Its Revenues

 * Generic top level domains 'will only benefit trademark lawyers'

 * Palm Beach firm selling first XXX domain names for porn sites

 * There's a world of crooks wanting to steal your identity

 * Potential Phishing E-Mails Should be Handled with Suspicion

 * Scam HMRC emails increase 300%

 * Yahoo and Bing Adverts Distribute Malware!

 * Nastier DroidDreamLight malware on the loose

 * Ten years on from Nimda: Worm author still at large

. . . and more


Fraud: It's not a small world

An Internet fraud scam uncovered in Bozeman Montana in 2009 reached victims as far afield as Florida and Texas ... which goes to show : 'It's Not a Small World' when it comes to the internet.


Wake N Shake

Wake N Shake 1.0 for the iPhone is "The Merciless Alarm Clock," a new Productivity app that can only be turned off by shaking the iPhone vigorously. Designed to fully awaken even the soundest sleepers, it has no snooze button or shut off. Wake N Shake helps users get their day started with a jolt of energy.


Edit PDFs on the iPad

Think of reading a textbook, annotating a document, signing a contract or filling in PDF form -- PDF Expert 3 makes it possible on the iPad. Thousands of real estate agents, sales persons, students, doctors have already replaced their computers with the iPads running PDF Expert.


Geo Walk 2.3 Free

Geo Walk 2.3, is an illustrative 3D World Fact Book for iOS. The globe-based app with info cards contains data about plants, animals, places and people. With no Internet connection required users can read facts about wonders of the world and memorize the info with the help of multiple choice quizzes. The new GeoWalk app is released as a universal app instead of two separate version for iPhone and iPad thus we invite all our current iPhone users to download the new version for Free to be able to download further updates and improvements. This offer is valid from 9th till 16th of September.


iDownloader Pro

iApps2Be has rolled out iDownloader Pro 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iDownloader Pro is an app that can download anything from the web to your i-Device and then view/play the downloaded files or transfer them to your computer. The app's key feature is that it can download video from any website where you can watch it with your Safari browser.


Travel Interpreter

Jourist Verlags GmbH has announced the launch of their new universal App: Travel Interpreter 1.5. If you like travelling to faraway places, you can't always be sure that everyone will speak English there. It would be better to be a linguistic genius -- or to take along the Travel Interpreter.



Last week, I presented Open Source Software to the Cowtown MUG. OSS is a great way to get good to great FREE software, but not the only way.


Camera GL for iPad, iPhone

iDevelopersLab's Camera GL for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 1.0 features the broadest selection of high-quality effects at the App store. This app is one of the easiest ways to make your photos look fresh and completely different. We've packed the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 camera with essential features you'll need to take great pictures every time everywhere.


Debunking Free Antivirus Myths

Do you really need to pay for Internet security? Eric Geier sheds some light on free antivirus programs and whether or not they can adequately protect your computer and data.


Changes: Facebook vs. Google

A lot of unrest on Facebook, and a lot of complaints brewing in the social media world

* Facebook Unveils Timeline: The Story Of Your Life On A Single Page

* Facebook Reveals Major Updates at F8 [VIDEO]

* 5 ways to optimize your Facebook page

* Advice from the pros: 34 Google+ resources for your business

* Social business: Transparency is good for business

* Google+ now open to everyone

... and the emerging world of social networking


Here is this month?s photo (what we don?t have to look forward to):

ice cave