As we were leaving last month?s meeting several of us stopped in the parking lot to discuss the future of Natmac. Since it seems likely that no members will come forward to take on the duties of running the club as it has been operating one alternative would be to simply terminate the club.
Dean then stated he would be willing to continue to hold forth each month as he has done for all these years but he is unable to handle the administrative tasks. Thus, it seems the best course of action is to continue to meet each month but without collecting dues, and dispensing with memberships lists, door prizes, etc. Arnie Visnick added that since he yearly donates to Holy Cross he could continue do so but in the name of the club so as to keep us in good standing with the hospital.
Please give some thought to this suggestion and feel free to share any ideas you may have, either at the July meeting or for those not in the area by email. We should discuss returning prepaid dues as well as the bank account. Because of the uncertainty of the situation I will not be sending out dues notices this month or accepting any dues payments.
We still have articles on hand for door prizes and this month they will be as follows:
? D-Link Powerline AV Adapter (turns your electrical wiring into an ethernet connections)
? Chromecast TV connection
? the last of the 7 port USB Hubs
? (2)16 GB Flash Drives (separately awarded) 
See you Wednesday,