Hello Again:

It hardly seems like another month has flown by but it has. I hope to see a good turnout at this month's get together. Since I had no complaints (a rarity) about opening last month's Reminder I will again use Text Edit to compose it.

I don't know if any of you have tried the software I mentioned last month, Snapheal, but I have been having fun doctoring some old photos, as well as a new one I will use as the Photo of the Month at the tail end of this Reminder.

Hi Natmacers:

This month I am doing the Reminder in TextEdit rather than Google Documents. I will save it and attach it to your email in the hope that all will be able to open it.

FYI: Some will want to take advantage of the newly made free Florida No Call List. Previously there was a fee for registering your home or mobile phone but not any more. To get on the list go to this site:


Hello again, and welcome to spring or is it summer?

On the day of our meeting, March 7, Apple is rumored to be announcing the newest iPad, version 3. If so, I know we can count on Dean to tell us all about it. 

For the awarding of our door prizes this month we will revert to the sometimes used Chinese Restaurant Family Menu.

Hi Natmacers:

 After the holidays this month I expect we will lose several members for the remainder of the summer. It reminds me that when old friends from up north hint around looking for a place to sleep during January or February I tell them that REAL friends come visit in August!

The January  monthly meeting of Natmac will take place on January 4 commencing at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Hospital.

I trust everyone had a safe New Year?s Eve and hopefully will have the same all through 2012, as well as good health. I just finished my morning coffee and reading today?s Sun-Sentinel and wanted to share with you one of the editorial cartoons featured in the year end review.